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Lausanne, close to you! The smallest of Switzerland’s four main cities is easily accessible: by road (A1/E25 and A9/E27 motorways), by rail (Swiss Federal Railways network) or by air (60 km from Geneva International Airport (45 minutes by train) or 180km from Zürich Airport (2 hours 40 minutes by train).

By plane

  • Geneva International Airport (nearest airport)
  • Zürich International Airport

By Train

  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS)
  • TGV

We recommend landing at Geneva airport and reaching Lausanne by train.

If you land at Zurich airport, the best way to reach Lausanne is also by train.

Welcome Desk at Geneva Airport

On Saturday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm and on Sunday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm, a WUN AGM welcome desk will be available for you. Just after you pass through customs, the desk will be located next to the “Transport Desk” and will be identified by WUN and UNIL logos. Student volunteers can help you buy your tickets and take you to board the train to Lausanne. You can also ask the student volunteer to arrange for another student volunteer to meet you at the Lausanne train station and accompany you by public transport to the conference hotel (Hôtel de la Paix).

How to reach Lausanne from Geneva airport ?

The most convenient way is to travel by train. At the airport, pass the baggage claim and customs, turn left and walk through the hall by following the train icon and pass the sliding/revolving door in direction of the train station, which is indicated by the sign « SBB - CFF »               .

The one-way journey to Lausanne is approximately 45 minutes.

The train schedules can be found here: Tickets can be bought directly online or at the railway station. Make sure to have a valid ticket before boarding the train.

Reaching the Hôtel de la Paix from Lausanne Railway station:
The hotel is located less than one kilometre from the Lausanne train station and can be reached on foot, by metro, or by taxi. The station square is located past the main entrance.

On foot:
If you decide to go on foot (15 minutes), be aware that Lausanne is built on a hill and some may find it a "challenging" walk. From the station square, cross the road and take the paved alley opposite on the left (Rue du Petit-Chêne). Go up this street to the top and turn right. Keep straight for 200 meters until the beginning of the small park (promenade Derrière-Bourg). Cross the road to continue on the street ascending behind the park (Av. Benjamin Constant). The hotel is on your left after 150 meters.

By metro:
From the station square, cross the road and enter the metro station. There is a machine at the entrance where you can buy a short course ticket (Price 2.30 CHF, Valid 30 minutes). Take the stairs down to the right and get on the next metro towards Lausanne-Croisettes (direction uphill). Exit at the 3rd stop (Bessières). Take the elevator to go up to the Pont Bessières. Turn right onto Rue Caroline and at the intersection with Rue Saint-Pierre walk down the Rue de la Paix. The hotel is on your left.

By taxi:
As you leave the train station from the main entrance, there are taxis waiting on your right. Not all taxis accept payment by debit or credit card. It is advisable to carry cash to pay for the journey. ATMs are located at the station.


How to reach Lausanne from Zurich airport?

After Customs, follow the signs for the train station, which is located in the second basement level of the airport, under Terminal B. The one-way journey from Zurich airport to Lausanne lasts approximately 2h30. The ticket can be purchased at the vending machines or at the counter in the hall before taking the escalators/elevators to the platform. It is also possible to buy tickets online. Make sure to have a valid ticket before boarding the train.

The train schedules can be found here:

Please note that the last direct train to Lausanne leaves at 21:45.


All conference delegates traveling to Switzerland must present a passport, and in some cases a visa is also required to be able to enter the country. If you require a visa, delegates are encouraged to apply early (at least two months before departure), ensuring all requested documentation is submitted with their visa application.

Please check with the Swiss embassy in your home country if you are unsure whether a visa is required.

You will be asked during the registration process to indicate if you would like to receive a letter of invitation to assist you in applying for a visa.


Lausanne Transport Card 

Benefit from reduced prices and free transport with one card.

If you’re staying in the conference hotel. you can use public transport (bus, train, metro) for free during your entire stay (maximum 15 days) in Lausanne and its surroundings with your Lausanne Transport Card.